When working out with Bill Witte you will learn the importance of functional and strength training and how it can benefit you in your everyday life. The combination of functional training and strength training are essential to any fitness program.

Functional training will help you move better, reduce stress (physically and mentally), improve energy levels, improve sleeping patterns, prevent injury and help all your organs function better.

Strength training will help your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints become stronger. Strength will help you run faster, jump higher, hit harder, reduce or fix back, knee and hip pain and overall just help you move better.

No matter what you fitness goals are; weight loss, build muscle, increase flexibility, increase cardio or muscular endurance, Bill Witte can help you achieve them through his customized workouts and variety of training options.

Chicago Personal Training

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Live a Better Tomorrow

Using these 3 simple steps

Step 1: Make Time

We are all busy with work, family and friends. Make time for yourself and be a happier and healthier person and see how the rest of your life improves.

Step 2: Commit

Nothing in life comes easy, a little hard work and dedication goes a long way. Make a commitment to your health and your future.

Step 3: Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! We all do things that we find enjoyable and avoid things that aren’t.

Personal Training Options

Whether you goal is to lose weight, add muscle mass or just feel better… Bill Witte can help you!


Individual Training

Looking to improve your health and fitness?

Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass, tone up, lose weight or learn how to live a healthy lifestyle let Bill Witte help you achieve your personal fitness goals with customized workouts through one-on-one training.


Get ready to sweat the calories away!!

Adding boxing in your workout regimen is a great way increase speed, reaction time, build confidence, tone up, burn aggression and increase cardio endurance. Through a series of punching and kicking combination you’ll get an amazing workout while having fun.

Small Group Training

Share the health and partner up!

Come grab a friend, significant other, family member or anyone who may need a little extra motivation and start partner training. Let Bill Witte take the two of you through a workout together that is customized and catered to you and your friends/partners goals.

More Than Just Personal Training

Bill Witte will show you just how enjoyable working out can be and how all your goals are within reach… nothing is impossible.


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[cticon id=”icon_17″ effect=”effect-1″ size=”small” icon=”icon-star” type=”circle”][/cticon]Nutritional Coaching
[cticon id=”icon_17″ effect=”effect-1″ size=”small” icon=”icon-star” type=”circle”][/cticon]Youth Training
[cticon id=”icon_17″ effect=”effect-1″ size=”small” icon=”icon-star” type=”circle”][/cticon]Corrective/Post Rehabilitation Training



Bill Witte is a Chicago personal trainer offering a variety of services including personal training, youth training, corrective/post rehabilitation, and bootcamp classes.



Get Fit with Bill Witte:
820 N. Orleans Street #100, Chicago, IL. 60610 getfit.bwitte@gmail.com