Chicago Rehabilitation Training

Corrective exercise is important to help improve posture, prevent injuries, correct dysfunction and improve movement after a injury or surgery and to live a pain free active lifestyle, especially as we age. Let Bill Witte teach, guide and help you learn how to correct and improve your form when lifting.

His functional movement approach to training helps his clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal impairments, muscular imbalances and rehabilitation concerns get back to where they once were. Whether you sit all day at work, have a sports related injury or are recovering from surgery Bill Witte can help you get back in the game!

More Than Just Rehabilitation Training

Bill Witte will show you just how enjoyable working out can be and how all your goals are within reach… nothing is impossible.



Bill Witte is a Chicago personal trainer offering a variety of services including personal training, youth training, corrective/post rehabilitation, and bootcamp classes.



Get Fit with Bill Witte:
820 N. Orleans Street #100, Chicago, IL. 60610