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While peanut butter is well known and a staple in most households, it’s not the only nutty butter out there. For those who have allergies to peanuts, we have something for you. There are many nut butter alternatives, whether you are looking to change up taste, have an allergy, looking for less calories or just looking to try something new, there are many choices out there. These alternatives not only taste good, but are 200 calories or less per serving and come with some great health benefits.


Almond Butter – Probably the second most popular nut butter, almond butter is made mostly with almonds. Almonds are very heart healthy and contains good fats, proteins, fiber and is low in carbs and sodium. There are several brands out there so be sure to look at the ingredients and nutritional label.


Chocolate Hazelnut Butter – Satisfy your sweet cravings guilt free. Hazelnut, one of the healthier nuts, and sugar free chocolate are usually used to make this butter. All the ingredients used make a delicious butter with fiber, protein and is low in carbs and sodium.


Sun butter Natural Sunflower Seed Butter – For all those with nut allergies here you go! This is a common direct replacement to peanut butter with the same consistency and texture, except made with sunflower seeds. Very high in fiber and protein now everyone can enjoy a nut butter and jelly sandwich. 


All Natural Better ‘n Peanut Butter – For all you dieters and calorie counters this one’s for you. 85% less fat, 40% fewer calories it’s a good alternative to regular nut butters.


Creamy Cashew Butter – Cashew Butter has a smooth, creamy texture and is easily spreadable-perfect for sandwiches! Low carbs, high protein, zero sodium and all the good fats it’s a great change up!


 With so many choices and flavors out there you do not have to stick to one kind of nut butter. They all yield health benefits and will satisfy cravings. Keep in mind when shopping for nut butters the fewer ingredients the better. 



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