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its-all-about-that-muscleWhen it comes to adding lean-dense muscle, there are specific ways to achieve your goals. Muscle does not mean bulk, fat means bulk. Muscle means lean, strength, better function and movement. Regardless if you are a man or woman we all need some lean-dense muscle.

Here are some good tips to help you focus on working your muscles effectively at the gym.

* The Negative
Focus on working the muscle, not moving the weight. Slowing down is the best way to isolate the muscle. Control the weight during the lowering of the weight (the negative). For example, during a bench press, you would slowly lower the weight down to your chest. This will force you to lift lighter weight which will relieve joint stress, recruit more muscle fibers and help you build more strength.

* Time For A Change
Change your tempo, reps, weight and exercises. Step away from doing the same weekly routine. You shouldn’t be lifting the same weight in the same way week after week. As you build strength, you can increase the number of reps and sets you perform with the same weight. Increase days of resistance training to four times per week by breaking down your workouts into push days and pull days. A good example of a push pull would be a chest press followed by a dumbbell or cable row.

* Time To Rest
Your body needs recovery time. Proper amounts of sleep will help increase muscle repair, increase growth and help prevent injury.

* Multi-joint Movements
When limited on time in the gym and to help build functional strength, choose compound exercises. This means doing squats, deadlifts, dips, overhead presses, squat-presses and other exercises that move more than one joint and work multiple muscles in one movement.

* Eat More Protein
When your muscles are working hard during your workouts, you need to fuel them properly. In this case, the quality is important. So choose nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and make sure you’re getting plenty of protein. The amino acids that make up protein are vital in muscle recovery and growth. Add a protein shake after your workouts and grill up some chicken, tofu, steak or fish for dinner.

Summer is here! Set a new plan this week. Starting June 1, try to incorporate some of the tips above to help you achieve that leaner muscle. Having your plan and your specific goals are necessary in order to achieve the results you’re looking for. Reach out if you need tips along the way!




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