Exercise Myths


Exercise Myths

There are quite a few myths when it comes to exercise. Learn the real facts about exercise and put these myths to rest so you can stop making excuses and start making solutions.

Myth #1. No pain, no gain.
Exercising should never hurt and if you are experiencing pain during your workout, you are either exercising at too high of an intensity, using too much weight or using improper form. While soreness is common when you start an exercise program, your body acclimates quickly and the soreness will be less of an issue as your muscles adapt. Warming up and foam rolling before and after exercising can help reduce soreness. Stretching is best post workout, not before a strength training program.

Myth #2. As you get older, you lose muscle and gain fat, no matter what you do.
Studies show that with regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, weight training and a low-fat healthy diet, you can increase lean body mass and decrease fat mass. Even at age 90, people can experience renewed strength, increased mobility, stronger bones and greater flexibility by exercising.

Myth #3. If you don’t have an hour to spend at the gym, it’s not worth going.
More often than not, we spend too much time at the gym in one session because we don’t have a plan and spend time socializing. Whether you have an hour or 25 minutes to spend at the gym, you can still get a great workout in. When you are pressed for time, get an effective and efficient workout in by spending less time socializing, limit the time between sets and go in with a plan aiming to target large muscle groups.

Myth #4. If you do enough abdominal crunches, can you get a six pack?
Absolutely not! While sit-ups and crunches will strengthen your abdominal muscles, they can’t get rid of the fat. To burn fat and flatten your belly, you need to burn more calories with cardio, strength training and a solid nutritional plan. Once the layer of fat on your abdominal is gone…poof, your stomach muscles will be more visible.

Myth #5. Exercising with weights makes women bulky.
First of all, nobody gets bulky overnight. It takes professional body builders years of hard work and dedication to increase their body size. For women, using moderate weights and many repetitions is the most effective way to tone and strengthen, and it won’t make you look like a professional body builder. The fact is that most women lack the testosterone levels needed to build bulk, so ladies don’t shy away from the weights at the gym!

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