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If you are trying drop some pounds and gain control of a healthy lifestyle, the first place you should be looking and making changes is with your diet. Start tracking your food with a daily diary or food log. What foods do you consume regularly? Are they nutrient rich foods? Having a diet that includes nutrient rich foods can help the pound melt off your body.

Here are some nutrient right foods that you should start incorporating to help you with your weight loss.

*Pears and Apples
Apples and pears are very rich in fiber and low in calories. The fiber in these powerful fruits will keep you full for longer and help curb your hunger levels.

Not only are artichokes tasty (to some), filled with cancer-fighting phytochemicals, but the type of soluble fiber contained in artichokes has been linked to regulate glucose and promote weight loss.

Berries not only taste amazing but also help stabilize blood sugar. The ketones in berries have been known to increase the protein hormone called (adiponectin), that helps burn fat and stabilize blood sugar. Also filled with fiber, the low calorie fruit will allow you to have a large serving and not feel guilty.

Fiber filled and full of disease fighting antioxidants beans are quite magical. For those who are doing a low carb lifestyle, beans are a great addition for weight loss and a great way to help lower cholesterol.  Try to aim for 3-6 servings per week

Egg are packed with protein, are low in calories, easy to prepare and will keep you more satisfied than having surgery, calorie dense cereal or bread for breakfast, or really anytime.

This powerful fruit, filled with fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin-a, vitamin-c, and choline help maintain a healthy heart. Not only will grapefruit aid/help in weight loss (consumed before a meal, studies have shown), but can also help our skin and lower our risk of many diseases.

Full of fiber and a great source of a complex carb, oatmeal will keep you more satisfied and help curb hunger and appetite. Add berries (not sugar) for added deliciousness and health benefits.

*Plain Greek yogurt
A cup of non-fat Greek yogurt is thick, creamy and contains a whooping 23g of protein per cup. With no added sugars it’s a great protein source for vegetarians or even meat eaters. It makes a great breakfast or snack. Since protein is known to enhance satiety more than anything else this will help curb cravings and increase weight loss. Add your favorite berries for flavor and added health benefits.

In closing, eating healthy and losing weight does not have to be stressful and challenging. With so many tasty and healthy food options out there try adding some more of these and less processed prepackaged foods.

How do you incorporate these foods into your weight loss plan?



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