Maintaining a healthy body weight not only helps us look and feel better, but also keeps us healthy enough to help fight off various illnesses. One of the best ways to help maintain a healthy bodyweight is through strength training. Strength training will increase lean muscle mass and help you burn more calories and fat, even › Read more
With all the health hacks out there some things that do remain true. Chia seeds may be little but they pack a powerful punch. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, which make them great for digestive and heart health. The fiber can help reverse inflammation, regulate cholesterol and lower blood pressure. All the natural antioxidants in chia › Read more
And they are back!!! Starting on February 7th, I will be launching “Life Tip Tuesday”. Just like the “Get Fit Life Tips” from back in the day, “Life Tip Tuesday” will provide you with tips on health, fitness and nutrition to help you live a healthier lifestyle. These tips will help you change your mindset, › Read more
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Bill Witte is a Chicago personal trainer offering a variety of services including personal training, youth training, corrective/post rehabilitation, and bootcamp classes.



Get Fit with Bill Witte:
820 N. Orleans Street #100, Chicago, IL. 60610