Got a Plan? Don’t be another gym rat that spends hours at the gym without getting the results you want. Have a game plan! When it comes to health and exercise, it is easy to slack on your workouts without a plan of action. If you have specific goals in mind (which most of us › Read more
  Weekly Challenge Try keeping a food journal this week and document what you are eating and drinking including the times. Are you getting a good variety of good fats, proteins, and carbs? Are you getting all of your fruits, vegetables, and fiber servings? Cardio Remix The cold winter months often keep us confined to › Read more
Fit Fact: There is a good reason why you can’t keep your eyes open when you sneeze – that sneeze is rocketing out of your body at close to 100 mph. This is, of course, a good reason to cover your mouth when you sneeze. No Excuse Resistance Band Workouts: Whether you have a gym › Read more
Our busy lifestyles keep us on the go all day, often preventing us from being able to eat to refuel our energy. Instead of reaching for fast food, processed foods, and foods with lots of preservatives, take the time to have a healthy ready-to-eat snack on hand at all times. Fast food doesn’t necessarily mean › Read more
  Fit Fact: Switching up your noodles for these dishes could save you over 250 calories and over a whopping 68% of those calories would come from simple carbs! Noodle Who? Comfort food like lasagna and pastas are what we crave during cold winter months, but with many of us looking for healthy eating options, we › Read more
Anxiety is defined as an unpleasant emotional state. It is estimated that 68% of Americans suffer from anxiety, although not all are diagnosed or seeking treatment. Studies have shown that a small amount of anxiety is healthy and normal, however high levels of anxiety can lead to serious long-term issues. Symptoms related to anxiety may › Read more
How does potassium affect our health? Potassium has so many health benefits and plays an important role in our health. –          It helps enhance muscle strength. –          It increases our metabolism, water balance, electrolyte and nervous system function. –          It prevents muscle cramping. –          It regulates the level of fluid function. –          It boosts heart health and enhances bone health. › Read more
When cooking at home, adding spices to your meals can give you added health benefits along with rich flavor for little calories. Take a look at everyday spices that you may already have in your pantry: Cinnamon – Controls blood sugar levels – Helps maintain insulin sensitivity – Powerful antioxidant – May have anti-bacterial and › Read more
  Whether it’s the summer or winter, outdoor activities allow us to stay active and enjoy the weather – warm or cold. When engaging in sports, no matter what the season, it is important to be aware of how our bodies rotate, bend, move and stabilize. Every sport and activity requires our bodies to move › Read more
During the fall and winter months, we reach for foods that are rich, hearty and warm, however those foods often come full of fat and calories. Try to keep it healthy this season without the fat, calories, and “holiday weight” by adding squash to your fall meals. Squash is actually a fruit (it has seeds), › Read more
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