Alcohol vs Weight Loss


What does alcohol do to your body?

With the summer fast approaching, I’m sure many of us will have a fair share of social drinking. Most of us drink alcohol, yet we never think about what alcohol does to our body, organs and muscle tissue. With the start of the summer and our health and fitness goals, we need to realize that drinking alcohol can be a major road block in our success to weight loss, gaining muscle or just leading a healthy life.

How does alcohol affect your body?
• Slows down your metabolism
• Can negatively affect your heart and circulatory system
• Prevents you from burning fat and can cause you to store access excess “flab” aka fat around your stomach (muffin top, spare tire or jelly belly)
• Decreases your growth hormone so it will inhibit muscle growth
• Decreases the concentration of testosterone in the body resulting in lower muscle mass and definition
• Dehydrates the body and muscles causing decreased levels of energy
• Interferes with the brain’s pathways causing mood changes and behavior
• Causes fatty liver disease
• Weakens your immune system which will make your body more susceptible to illness and disease

I realize that we drink socially and the chances of you giving up alcohol isn’t likely, however when you do consume alcohol, be sure to drink in moderation, drink more water in between drinks and eat healthier to increase your nutrient content while decreasing calories. Try to avoid high calorie sugary drinks.

When it comes to health and exercise having a plan with specific goals and sticking to it is the secret to achieving your fitness goals and seeing results. You’ve been working hard since the new year, keep up your hard work as you approach the summer months and let me know how I can help!



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