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Be Strong

Gain physical and mental strength with hard work and dedication.

Get Healthy

Make time for yourself and healthy choices in your diet and activity on a daily basis.

Live a Better Tomorrow

Learn the tools you need and make a commitment to your health and future..

Bill Witte (NASM – CPT, PES, CES, PN1)

Personal Trainer

Bill Witte’s passion is helping those who are looking to make positive changes in their life and take the steps needed to be strong, be healthy and live a better tomorrow. Being healthy and in shape depends on how well your body is functioning as a whole. Goals can’t be achieved overnight, but a positive attitude, hard work and dedication will help you see results.

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Bill Witte is a Chicago personal trainer offering a variety of services including personal training, youth training, corrective/post rehabilitation, and bootcamp classes.



Get Fit with Bill Witte:
820 N. Orleans Street #100, Chicago, IL. 60610